About us - company vision and who we are?


Let us start with one brief question:

If you look at our logo above, what do you see?

... maybe you just see the ordinary letter "H"?

… And maybe you see something that might look like an infinity symbol?

… Or do you even see the silhouette of a beautiful, elegant butterfly?

Whatever answer you agree, we must give you the truth!

And now we take it nicely:


The letter "H", which means, for example, a note in music, is the eighth letter of the Latin alphabet, which evolved from the Greek letter éta. And Eta has a value of 8 in the system of Greek numerals. And if we put the numeral eight, a symbol representing Infinity is created, right?

The symbol “∞” then indicates STRENGTH, STABILITY and ETERNAL VALUE. The mathematical symbol of infinity is an infinite loop that means virtually unlimited and never ending possibilities. The ancient understanding connects infinity with the BORDER END and the PERFECT BEING.

And what does a butterfly mean? The simplest and most basic meaning is BEAUTY, PURCHASE and GOOD WILL. Butterflies are a deep and powerful representation of LIFE. Many cultures associate the butterfly with OUR SPIRITS and with the symbol of the Resurrection. Around the world, people perceive butterflies as CHANGE, HOPE and ENDURANCE. The butterfly is a long-term symbol representing FAITH, NATURE, CHANGE and FREEDOM!

So much for what the HARMONELO LOGO represents and now a few more lines to our VISION that we would like to share with you:

Just as the letter “H” has 4 peaks, the whole HARMONELO project stands firmly on 4 basic pillars:

1) Harmonization of PHYSICAL HEALTH

"Doctors prescribe medicines they know little about - against diseases they know even less - to people whose condition they know nothing about." - Author Voltaire French writer and philosopher

2) Harmonization of INTELLECTUAL HEALTH

“The mind is a bit like a garden. When we do not feed it and cultivate it, it will become overgrown with weeds. ”- Author Unknown

3) Harmonization of financial health

"If you don't find a way to earn income when you're not working, then you'll have to work until you die" - Author Unknown

4) Harmonization in the area of ​​prevention

"Let your food be your medicine, or the medicine will become your food." - Author Hippocrates the most famous doctor of antiquity and "father of medicine", founder of rational medicine

Who is behind HARMONELO?

The HARMONELO project is backed by experienced and strong management with years of experience in international law, optimizing management of large corporate structures and human resources management, a team with experience in marketing, science, research and production of its own unique products, and last but not least extensive experience in building international business structures based on network marketing.

 HARMONELO originated right in the heart of Europe, but has the ambition to reach global markets and gradually become a full-fledged global player in the field of unique natural food supplements with high added value that bring endless health, energy, joy and well-being to everyone joining this movement, either as a customer or as a sales team member?

HARMONELO is an equal chance for anyone who wants a healthier and richer life in all four areas, whether they want to harmonize physical, mental, financial, or just to improve prevention in order to protect themselves from the increasing trend of civilization diseases worldwide.

Join the HARMONELO movement and let's go together - HARMONIZE THE WORLD ?!

We are already ready for REAL CHANGE - WHAT DO YOU?

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