Complaints procedure - Rules of procedure for complaints of goods

  • The Buyer is obliged to become acquainted with the Complaints Procedure and Business Rules of the Company before ordering the goods.
  • By concluding the purchase contract and taking over the goods from the seller, the buyer agrees with these Complaints Procedure.
  • Right from liability for defects

The right of liability for defects (complaint) can be exercised in 3 possible ways at the premises of Medi Evolution s.r.o .:

a) in person at the company's premises,

b) through a courier service (transport company),

c) through its sponsor.

Along with the claimed goods it is necessary to enclose a completed Complaint Protocol (downloadable in MyOffice and a document proving the purchase of the goods (commercial invoice).

Complaints are not justified in the event of a defect or damage:

(a) demonstrably misuse of the product (eg use in contravention of the instructions for use or contrary to instructions given on the packaging of the product or in supporting sales material, etc.) or other misconduct of the member;

(b) by force majeure or mechanical damage to the product.

The Company is obliged to settle the claim without undue delay, but no later than 30 calendar days from the date of its claim.



If the order (package delivered by the logistics partner) is visibly damaged:

 When receiving goods from the carrier (courier service), please carefully check the delivered goods. If the shipment shows signs of damage, do not accept it! If the consignment is visibly damaged, it is necessary to write a damage report with the driver / employee of the transport service or refuse the consignment. Report the damaged shipment to (order number or package number) or by phone at the company number. The damaged shipment will be returned to the Company's address and the ordered goods will be shipped again immediately. It was not possible to ship new goods before.


If the goods are damaged, but it is not at first sight, when picking up from the courier, see (hidden defect): If you take goods that are mechanically damaged, even if the packaging was intact, it is necessary to inform our company within 3 working days. Later complaints will not be taken into account for insurance of the consignment. Together with the announcement, send the information to and attach a claim report.


Goods are spoiled:

If you find that the goods delivered show visible signs of physiological impairment without opening the bottle or immediately after opening the bottle, please inform the responsible person at who will handle the claim with you. Claimed goods must be sent to the company address together with the completed complaint protocol and proof of purchase. In the case of a recognized complaint, the defective goods are replaced by a new, harmless product. However, in exchange for a new defective product, it is necessary that the member delivers the original (defective) product.

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